About Us

Breeding cavaliers isn't my day-job. I do it because I truly love cavaliers.  Being a nurse in the medical world for 20 plus years, I was brave and learned how to do artificial insemination in a safe and professional way keeping in touch with my Vet on best practices. I love the breed and try hard to protect them with responsible and educated breeding. 

Thank you, Victoria!

I bought Pongo, because I loved the BBC series Victoria and just had to have one. It wasn’t long until I realized I just had to have one of each color so now I have a handful of Cavs. My husband was hesitant at first, but has also become a sucker for these pups. People began to notice how beautiful Pongo is and that's when we started offering stud services.  We then ventured into finding an equally beautiful blenheim boy for our program.  It took me over a year to find Theo but he was well worth the wait!  Our females almost always have a waitlist for upcoming litter of pups.  I'm constantly on the phone talking with people about my cavs or about stud services or breeding and that's when my tech-nerdy husband built this website for me.  Our goal is to use this website to answer most commonly asked cav questions without consuming all my time and giving me text neck :)

Please note that I do love talking with people about cavs.  So, if you end up using any of our services I look forward to a real-life phone call.  :)

We are located in Greensboro, NC.  We have 8 children - yep that's not a typo.  Some call it awesome and some think it's crazy.  We've adopted a few who were in the foster system.  If you're interested in fostering in Utah or North Carolina talk to me.  There are lots of littles that need rescuing. :)  

Hyde Park Cavaliers

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