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Are you guaranteed to get pups if you use AI?

Having done over 100 AI's using my stud I have been thrilled that he is proven with over 90 percent of females taking the first time. His semen is regularly examined (at least monthly) at a local breeding lab. We have repeat customers who are willing to share their experience at your request. Choose between having your female inseminated on sight or have it shipped chilled (we do not ship frozen as it is ineffective) and professionally packaged and shipped overnight via FedEx. Every sample we ship is verified by a 3rd party Lab that checks the semen for motility and density to ensure you are getting a quality sample. Please know that there is no 100% guarantee in any breeding method regardless of the sire or dame. We do not recommend breeding on the first or second heat. Cavaliers do best if they breed closer to the age of two and after their second heat.

How can I make sure my female is ready?

The first sign is licking. You may notice spots of blood on her doggy bed or around the house. At that point, check for swelling and discharge. Some people notice the swelling before the licking. Some Cavaliers have an increase or decrease in appetite when they are in season. We highly recommend writing down the date you first noticed these signs. Every cavalier is different. We have bred our male with females who have been ready from day 6 to 16. Timing is vital and keeping records helps during the next heat as they are usually consistent with their fertility stages.

If you have other dogs, regardless of gender, they may show a peaked interest in the female in heat. She may begin to flag her tail upwards or to the side - standing still - showing their interest in other dogs mounting them. Their vulva swells to a noticeable and visual difference. Some females still bleed while ovulating. Every dog is different and again, we highly recommend keeping a journal or record if you plan on breeding your female through multiple heats.

Does your female need a progesterone test?

A progesterone test may be the most valuable return on your investment. It tests progesterone levels in your female giving you her very best chance at taking upon insemination. Progesterone testing is done at your vet. I highly recommend it, but do not require it to breed with Pongo. It is a simple blood draw while your female is fully conscious and takes only a few minutes. Our vet charges about $60. It's a small price to pay if you want to know her fertility levels and can help get you the most puppies and the best chance of taking at time of breeding. The vet gives you her progesterone level reading. Anything 5 and below is generally too early. If your female is 6 or more, it is suggested to begin AI every other day or until she is out of heat. We provide AI every other day for 6 days (3 AI's). Vets generally do not do more than 2 AI's as it can be expensive. AI is free when using Pongo.