If you are considering one of our studs I would love to have a conversation with you to ensure the female is meeting the qualifications for breeding standards for ckcs. If we have had this conversation and you know you are going to use one of our studs it’s important that you let me know on the first day you notice your female is in heat so we can estimate breeding time for optimal breeding. 

Pricing for Stud Services


$1500. I will consider pick of the litter for local puppies witha deposit up front. Puppies whelped are required to be sold with AKC limited registration unless other arrangements are agreed upon with a contract in place and an extra fee of $500.  In the rare event the female does not take, you are entitled to a free rebreed within 12 months if progesterone testing was done. A contract will be required and ensure you receive that benefit. 

Shipped Semen

$1500 plus shipiping expense. Puppies whelped are required to be sold with AKC limited registration unless other arrangements are agreed upon with a contract in place and an extra fee of $500.The collection ships FedEx or UPS overnight directly to your veterinarian clinic.  Requires progesterone testing on the female and is the buyer's responsibility to do the testing at their local vet.  A vet will need to be lined up that can do the artificial insemination.  This is a very successful method shipping chilled and we have many references upon request who can share with you their experience.  We've shipped all over the country.  You'll want to call me for advice if you choose this method.

Pricing for Hyde Park Cavalier AKC Purebred Puppies

Click here for current puppies available. Hyde Park Cavaliers provides quality puppies, bred to maintain good temperament and excellent health.  Pongo and Theo (our sires) and our females are all free and clear of the diseases and health issues commonly found in cavaliers and have health checks done yearly.  Your puppy comes with papers to register AKC with limited registration and a 1 year health guarantee.  Often you'll find that females are more expensive than males.  That's not the case with Hyde Park Cavalier puppies.  All our puppies are the same price - $3,500,  full registration requires a special application/screening process and conversation.  Click here to join the waitlist. We want to make sure our puppies are placed in a loving home and given lots of love and attention.  Cavs are incredibly sweet, providing healing for the soul, and are great companions.  They are so much fun.  In fact, we have a waiting list, and often that list includes repeat customers who just need a second cavalier.  Cavaliers, like most dogs, live to please you.  They live for your affection, touch, and praise.  

Your puppy will be up-to-date on shots and dewormer and come microchipped. Cavaliers are naturally good dogs for house training.  They almost instinctively know - even as pups - to go potty outside of their sleeping area.  We work hard with them to build on that instinct to teach them to become potty-trained or close to being potty-trained by the time they leave.  They leave us 100% litter box trained.  You will need to work with them in your own yard and living space.

They are generally ready for your home when they are between 9-10 weeks old. We do have a wonderfuyl flight nanny that will deliver our pups anywhere in the US. Nanny prices are additional and anywhere between $450-750 depending on location and timing. Pups fly in cabin with the nanny.  We have a good relationship with our nannies and trust them 100%. 

Contact me (Laci) at or via text at 801-644-9151.