Shipped Semen

Process of Ordering Semen in 3 Easy Steps

1) Let me know if you are considering buying shipped semen for availability of one of our studs. 

2) Progesterone Test your female at your local vet.  That ensures she is 100 percent ready.

3) I ship the semen overnight to you or directly to your vet to do artificial insemination which only takes about 10 minutes and does not require any type of anesthetic or medicine.

Insemination is safe, common, hygienic, and fast.  It is far less painful on your female than a live contact tie with a male.

Did you know that you can have Cavalier King Charles Spaniel stud semen shipped directly to you?  The semen we ship is fresh chilled, tested by a third-party professional semen laboratory, and has had over a 90 percent success rate for Hyde Park Cavalier semen.  With the third-party laboratory ensuring density and motility the semen we send is guaranteed to be top quality.  A sperm extender is professionally added by the lab and the semen is shipped directly to you by the lab in a container to handle fresh chilled dog semen.  (Note: we do not ship frozen semen like other breeders.  The success rate is terrible and the motility of the sperm is cut in half.)

Customers are in love with our Pongo who is a tricolor Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  He's free and clear of diseases commonly found in most cavaliers.  He's a great option for any cav female for that reason and more.  No need to fly to North Carolina to come see our stud (although people often do fly in).  You can have the semen shipped directly to you overnight via UPS Monday through Friday.  You can then have your local vet do the insemination professionally.  

One huge benefit to using Pongo is that you are using a stud that is likely not found in your local cav genepool.  It helps the breed maintain diversity and health.   If you have your own breeding program Pongo's clear bill of health and genetics may be a great option to give local purchasers more diverse genes.

We do require progesterone testing on your female to make sure she is totally ready and has ovulated.  On shipped semen when inseminated by your local vet and with progesterone testing we have an amazing success rate 9/10 at least.   With that in mind, there is no guarantee when breeding animals.  But, having the correct testing, proven and tested semen, you have an excellent chance of your female taking. Click here for Pongo's health papers.   Click here for pricing.  We don't expect you to take our word for it.  Please contact us for references from recent customers who used this service.  We're confident you'll be impressed.  Contact me (Laci) at or via text at 801-644-9151.