My Faves

These are some of my must haves!

I keep the fur babies in a little indoor fence area with their open crate with their bed (pad I use and crate in links below), litter box and water dish. It makes it a less stressful transition for them knowing where they are to go potty and leave more time for cuddles and playing! You certainly do not have to but a lot of my puppy families will do it even for a short does help so you can get a little sleep at first!  I use paper pellets for puppies. I buy them at a local petco. Here is a link for the pellets and the litter box that I use (it's actually a garden tray).

Next I like to share my love for a specific vitamin I give to all my dogs and puppies.  It's called nuvet. It's actually one the few vitamins FDA approved for dogs.  It is great for joints, skin and most importantly their beautiful coats!  The powder is what the pups are currently on. THE GREEN BOTTLES.  I just sprinkle it on their food. Once they're 5 lbs they can switch to a wafer... and they love them!  So don't ever leave within their reach; they will eat the whole bottle. You'll love the way it makes them look and they really do like the taste! You will need my special breeder code to order it below.


NO COLLARS!! Harnesses are best for these little pups! Collars can be dangerous and painful as they are leash training.. As you are looking to buy one you'll find there's a million styles and colors. Just keep in mind your pup will be in the 4-6 lb range when you're looking for one.  They grow fast so be prepared to accommodate but they should never need one bigger than a medium. Below is the brand I use and have never had an issue. 

Here are some of my other favorites. (plush baby toys) (chew bones) (poop scooper) (definitely my favorite indoor pen and i've tried many!) (chew toys for girls) (crate pad) (perfect crate and will fit as an adult) (auto water dispenser) (safe chew bones for puppies) (great for the shedding) (deshedder rake for grooming) (THE BEST shampoo) (pet bed) (long lasting chew toy) (i use everything in this pack accept the ones with the bell) (probiotic) (expensive! but totally helps keep the plaque down on their teeth) (favorite dog tag) (ear cleaning wipes) (Pongo's favorite toy!) (pet perfume) (nail filer) (chew toy) (best dog grooming dryer) (snood!) (if you're going to try doing your own grooming this is what we use and it's awesome!) on of my favorite books about CKCS